Our hotel is Health First certified and follows the Ministry of health’s guidelines on cleaning and sanitation according to national legislation.


Public areas

All our staff this year will have their smiles hidden behind facemasks and other personal protecting equipment.
We will all be greeted from a distance and our hands, even thoroughly clean, will not offer any handshakes and hugs.

We have made arrangements to all public areas so that social distancing can be more easily achieved.
There will also be hand sanitation stations, distancing markings and reminding notices available everywhere.

Ventilation this year is even more essential. In all indoor public areas (lobby, restaurants) we will avoid using AC whenever possible and keep the sea breeze in for fresh air.
We suggest you wear a face mask at all public areas, especially indoors.


We have set the tables in a distance to meet social distancing measures and we will be thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all equipment used.

A face mask is required from you when around the buffets. Our breakfast buffet will be there as usually and our staff will be there, in their protective equipment, happy to assist you. In addition, we will also provide you with disposable gloves to use when choosing your meal. Please follow our restaurant staff’s directions regarding social distancing and contacts while in the restaurants.


All our cleaning schedules and protocols are enhanced and special equipment will be used. In addition to those, all checked-out rooms will be thoroughly disinfected and clean before set ready for new guests.

Our staff will try to keep entering your room to the minimum. Therefore, you can choose whether to not allow room-cleaning service every day.

Some of the non-essential room equipment like decorative fabrics and pillows, printed material, mini-bar stock will be removed.


Our Massage Room, keeping the highest hygiene standards will be welcoming you by appointment only.

Our pool will be operating as usually, with some added social distancing measures and their own disinfection protocols. As the sun beds around the pool have to be less  than usual, please refrain from occupying them when not present and give our staff the time to disinfect them before uses.

All the above measures – and plenty more behind the scenes – will be based on your cooperation with our staff. That entire staff is thoroughly trained, in particular on this plan and special hygiene protocols and undergoes a compulsory weekly rapid test. The health and well-being of all, YOU (our guests) and US (our team members) are 
definitely of an utmost importance. As long as we are healthy, we can still enjoy the sun, the sea, the island, a different, yet still great holiday.